Student Doulas

Student Doulas

We are pleased to provide the opportunity for expectant parents to find a student doula in the Albuquerque area.  Although student doulas maybe less experienced than a professional, they do bring tons of enthusiasm and emotion to their work, and are eager to share all they have to give! We support our students by offering ongoing connections and support with professional doulas in the community.

Our students are doulas just starting out and may or may not have attended professional trainings.  As such, they come from a wide range of experience and training or certification status, and set their own prices accordingly.  If you are a student doula interested in joining our program, contact us or read more here.

Please note:  In the Student Doula Program, students work independently from Inspired. We provide the opportunity for students to connect with interested clients, but do not evaluate or supervise their training or work, guarantee availability, or oversee their contracts and payment arrangements.

Paula ReissPaula Reiss, Student Doula

"I was drawn to doula work a few years ago when I saw the play, Birth. I reflected on my own experience of giving birth and realized that those births would have been radically different had I had a doula with me. I decided to make that difference for other women and began my doula training with DONA. In my mind, every birthing woman deserves a support person focused entirely on her.

My aim is for you to feel supported and in control. My focus will be solely on you and how I can help you have the birth you want. In pre-natal visits I will work with you to clarify your desires and concerns about the upcoming birth of your child and to know your choices. I will also provide postpartum support to help you into parenthood.

I think of myself as a straightforward, no-nonsense person. I believe open-mindedness and clear communication are key."


Anne Bahu

(Profile coming soon!)


Sarah Romero

(Profile coming soon!)


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