Infant Sleep: The First Year

Infant Sleep: The First Year

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baby-84639_640This class is an expansion of techniques and information presented in The Happiest Baby™ Classes, and how the program works for naps and nighttimes for the entire first year.  We'll also explore other popular theories and programs like the Ferber method ("cry-it-out") and the No-Cry Sleep Solution, as well as options like room-sharing and bedsharing, and transitioning into new arrangements.


Group Classes:

Expectant couples can explore sleep options in this class before baby arrives, or new parents who are struggling to find a sleep arrangement or schedule that works for them are also welcome.  It is required that both parents or caregivers have either read The Happiest Baby on the Block or watched the DVD of the same name, or have attended a Happiest Baby Class at Inspired before attending this sleep class.  Pricing is $25 per couple.

Check our Class Calendar for upcoming events, or contact us for more information.

In-Home Consultations: 

We can help if you are a new parent struggling with sleeping arrangements and/or schedules.  Consultations are with a certified Happiest Baby instructor, and personalized techniques taught come from the programs listed above.  Sometimes it maybe necessary to have two or more visits, to solve your problems; we'll discuss this on a case-by-case basis.  Pricing is $50 per 1-2 hour consultation.  Contact us anytime to arrange an in-home visit; call or text 505-232-2772.

Emergency Sleep Break: 

If you are suffering from extreme exhaustion because of the round-the-clock care your infant requires, you may need to consider taking an emergency sleep break as a temporary solution.  Extreme exhaustion maybe exhibited by: constant yawning, aching eyes, severe headaches, body aches, heavy head feeling, no appetite, clumsiness, irritability, delayed reactions, short-term memory problems, difficulty thinking clearly, impaired judgement, and microsleeps (nodding off for very short periods, from a part of a second to 30 seconds).  If you are experiencing several of these symptoms regularly, it maybe unsafe for you to be driving or caring for your baby.

An emergency sleep break will result in temporary rest and rejuvenation, but it would also be wise to evaluate your regular sleeping arrangement with a sleep consultation to find some long-term solutions to your sleep deprivation.  Contact us anytime for more information; call or text 505-232-2772.

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