Parenting Groups and Classes

Parenting Groups and Classes

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New Parents Group, Tuesdays 10-Noon


Facilitated by the Inspired doulas, this free, weekly gathering is for new parents and their babies; older children are always welcome, too!  The postpartum period is a time of huge changes and lots of questions for many families- come get support, encouragement, advice, and answers from people who really understand.

Registration is not necessary for these casual meetups; just come for any or all of the session when you can!


Breastfeeding Support/ La Leche League



La Leche League of Albuquerque: Providing free mother-to-mother support and information to breastfeeding moms and those preparing to breastfeed.  Come to one of our monthly meetings to meet other expectant and breastfeeding moms, share your stories and concerns, and gain confidence and reassurance in mothering through breastfeeding. Our meetings are free and babies and children are always welcome; as well as partners, grandparents, friends, and anyone who supports breastfeeding!

Meetings at Inspired are held every third Thursday from 10-11:30am, and there are several other times and locations around the city (current schedule).  Leaders can be reached seven days a week via a helpline at (505) 821-2511, or email at, and on Facebook at  for more information and support.


Babywearing 101: Wraps, Slings, and Carriers

boy-1314845_640Learning to hold your baby in a carrier is a glorious skill for new parents and caregivers to gain.  Adjusting to this big, wide world is sometimes overstimulating for little ones- and adjusting to round-the-clock care for a newborn is sometimes overwhelming for grown-ups!  Confidently and safely wearing your baby in a sling, wrap, or other carrier is much easier than you might think, and it is possible to both keep your baby calm and have use of both hands again!

This class will cover the basic styles of carriers for newborns: ring slings, wraps, mei teis and soft structure carriers.  We'll talk about safety and comfort, front carry options, and have a hands on time to try on carriers and ask questions.  Bring a carrier if you want help fitting yours, or just play with ours!

This class is great for couples in their last trimester, and for new parents and other caregivers of babies up to about 3-4 months old.  Babies are always welcome in class!  Check our Class Calendar for upcoming events, or contact us to schedule a private session.


Calming Colic and Crying/ The Happiest Baby™ Classes

happiestbabylogo300pxSoothe Your Baby's Minutes or Less!  Based on the best selling parenting book and DVD, The Happiest Baby on the Block by pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp, this class provides participants with the necessary tools to calm a crying baby.  Long periods of crying are associated with depression, difficulty breastfeeding, and stress in relationships.  Receive step by step instruction and practice the 5 S’s to soothe crying so your baby - and you - can sleep longer.  Finally, kids do come with instructions!™

Attendees receive the Happiest Baby DVD, Soothing Sounds CD and tip sheets to make your baby the Happiest Baby on the Block! Parents and caregivers may attend the class before birth, or after, along with baby of up to 12 weeks.

Taught by a certified instructor, the cost of this unique, innovative class is only $55  and includes DVD and white noise CD (a $21 value!).  Check our Class Calendar for upcoming events, or contact us for more information.

We also offer Private Sessions, In-Home Consultations, and other specialized services.  Read more here.


Infant Sleep: The First Year

This class is an expansion of techniques and information presented in The Happiest Baby™ Classes, and how the program works for naps and nighttime for the entire first year.  We'll also explore other popular theories and programs like the Ferber method and the No-Cry Sleep Solution, as well as options like room-sharing and bedsharing.

Check our Class Calendar for upcoming events, or contact us for more information.

We also offer Private Sessions, In-Home Consultations, and other specialized services.  Read more here.


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