Crying and Colic: The Happiest Baby Classes

Newborn Crying and Colic: The Happiest Baby Classes™

baby-408262_640Soothe Your Baby's Minutes or Less!  Based on the best selling parenting book and DVD, The Happiest Baby on the Block by pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp, this class provides participants with the necessary tools to calm a crying baby.

Long periods of crying are associated with depression, difficulty breastfeeding, child abuse, and stress in relationships.  Receive step by step instruction and practice the 5 S’s to soothe crying so your baby - and you - can sleep longer.  Finally, kids do come with instructions!™


happiestbabylogo300pxAll sessions are taught by a certified instructor, and attendees will receive the Happiest Baby DVD, Soothing Sounds CD, and tip sheets (a $21 value!) to make your baby the Happiest Baby on the Block!


Group Classes: 

Parents and caregivers may attend the class before birth, or after, along with baby of up to 12 weeks-babies are always welcome in class  (crying or not!).  Pricing is $45 and includes The Happiest Baby DVD, Soothing Sounds CD, and tip sheets (a $21 value!).  Check our Class Calendar for upcoming events, or contact us for more information.


Private Sessions: 

Held in the comfort of your home, or ours, we'll cover all the same great information presented in group classes.  Consider hosting a 'party' for family, friends and babysitters to share the cost- also great for mom's groups or baby showers!  Pricing starts at $99 for up to 2 couples, and $15 for each additional adult/couple.  Contact us for more information.


Emergency Colic Call:

If you are the caregiver of a colicy infant and need help now, and if you are NOT familiar with the 5 S's or if you're not sure if you're doing the 5 S's correctly, we can make an emergency house call and try to help you stop the crying with these techniques.  Payment is based on a sliding scale, but let's discuss that after we stop the crying!  Contact us anytime to arrange an in-home visit; call or text 505-232-2772.

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