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Free Prenatal Class: Doulas and Danishes

Come for delicious danishes, pregnancy tea & coffee, and meet some local professional and student doulas at this free prenatal class.  We will discuss the benefits of hiring a doula, what certification and scope of practice means, and how the interview/hiring process works. . . . Read More

Free Prenatal Class: Prenatal Nutrition

Learn all about your baby's development during pregnancy, necessary nutrients, whole food options and much more in this insightful class . . . Read More

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to childbirth preparation that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe in most pregnancies . . . Read More


Childbirth Classes:

Natural Childbirth Class- 5 Week Series

Consider this series if:  1) You are planning a natural birth in a hospital or a birth center within a hospital . . . Read More

Natural Childbirth Class- 2 Week Series

This 2 class series contains the same informative, evidence-based curriculum as our 5 Week Series, but just condensed into 2, 5 hour classes for a shorter time frame . . . Read More

Hospital Birth Class- 4 Week Series

Increase your understanding of the physical process of birth, and clarify your preferences with the most current and evidence-based information provided in our Hospital Birth Series . . .  Read More


Private Childbirth Classes are also available, contact us for availability!


valbelly"I feel more comfortable about what will happen to my body during birth after going over how each stage will happen and what to expect.”

-First-time expectant mother


If you're expecting your first child, you've probably read about childbirth and heard very different stories from friends and loved ones, but there is some very conflicting and confusing information out there.  Here are some reasons first timers should consider taking childbirth classes:


  • To be wise and savvy about giving birth in our medical system! Maternity Care in this country is in crisis.  Our intervention and preventable cesarean rates are sky high, and our outcomes are proving to be very poor compared to other industrialized countries:   Learn what YOU can do to keep your family safe and healthy, and how to best navigate our current system.


  • Help your partner understand how they can best support you during the process, and to learn about labor and birth themselves.  We expect you to bring a partner, friend, mother, doula, or other support person to class.  If it's their first time, or have only experienced their own birth(s), then they probably don't have a clue how to best support you in your unique journey!


  • Childbirth Preparation Classes are a place to meet other expectant parents, and to discuss common goals and fears that you may be experiencing.  Private Sessions are also great for processing fears with an experienced instructor who really understands, and can provide helpful suggestions, factual information, and practical advice for preparing for the birth that you want.


New Parents with BabyAbout our Independent Childbirth Classes

The Independent Childbirth Classes at Inspired are taught by professional doulas. We choose to remain unaffiliated with other organizations so that we are free to use the most current, evidence-based, and unbiased information that is available about childbirth.  Classes are held in our cozy classroom located in the North Valley, and our small class sizes are personal and unique.

Our classes cover the emotional and physical aspects of labor and birth, practical pain coping and decision making tools, preparing partner for labor support role, early postpartum changes, breastfeeding, and so much more!  We present information in a way that empowers parents, and encourages processing of fears or stresses related to labor and birth.  We use hands-on, interactive teaching methods, and facilitate activities and group discussions that will leave you feeling confident, even excited, and prepared for your upcoming labor and birth!

Have more questions?  Check out our FAQs page, or contact us today!


“It was a great class with a lot of insight into the birth experience.”

-Second time mom, and second Inspired Birth class


“. . . helped me feel like birth is a natural, not a medical, process.  Also that one video . . . presented such a beautiful image of birth-really stuck with me.”

-First-time expectant father


“I will recommend this class to every expectant parent I meet!”

-First-time expectant father


“All of the open communication was extremely helpful!  A lot of thoughts & concerns I had were shared with the other couples.”

-First-time expectant mother


“The discussions on pros & cons of different medications was very helpful & helped me solidify what I want to try to do.”

-First-time expectant mother


“Very well balanced and great interaction between husband/wife, other classmates, and teacher.  Great class, keep it going.”

-First-time expectant father


“I will definitely recommend this class to my colleagues and friends!”

-First-time expectant father


“It was very informative and left us feeling more confident.”

-First-time expectant father


“I’m glad I took the class.  Would recommend to first time soon-to-be parents.”

-First-time expectant mother


“I knew nothing ‘real’ and so I learned a lot.  The process is not scary anymore.”

-First-time expectant father


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