Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation and Preparation by Miyoko

The placenta is an amazing organ.  It is the only one that the mature body grows from the start, and that eventually stops functioning on it’s own.  During pregnancy, it grows from the very same cells that made your amazing baby, it made nutrients available to the growing fetus, got rid of toxins in the baby’s blood, and provided your body with all the hormones that make pregnancy and birth possible!  These hormones and nutrients are retained in a placenta that has been birthed, and anecdotal evidence shows those nutrients and hormones can therefore be absorbed through ingestion.  Benefits reported include More Energy and Better Mood (less incidences of Postpartum Depression and 'Baby Blues'),  Improved Breastfeeding and Lactation, Faster Uterine Recovery and Less Postpartum Bleeding and Anemia.

The options for preparation that I offer are:

  • Frozen, raw portions to be added to smoothies- they are very tiny pieces, ready-to-use, no need to handle or defrost, the flavor is easily masked with smoothie ingredients.

  • Raw, dehydrated capsules- some encapsulators are not comfortable with this method because the placenta is not ‘sterilized’ by the steaming process- I however follow all food safety and bloodborne pathogen guidelines and the process is quite similar to any meat jerky.  Please do your own research if you are interested in this option.

  • Steamed, dehydrated capsules (in the Traditional Chinese Medicine method)- the placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger- which is discarded before encapsulating, then dehydrated and encapsulated.


I can do any combination of the above preparation methods- the average placenta produces approximately 80-100 size ‘0’ capsules or frozen portions, and actual number will vary.  You can also request ‘tree of life’ prints from the placenta, digital photographs, as well as keepsakes made from the umbilical cord.

If you aren’t ready to commit to the idea when birth comes, you can always just save the placenta by double bagging, and freezing it, for the just-in-case scenario.  (Many women who experience severe postpartum depression would do anything to feel better, including hauling that old placenta out of the freezer and getting someone to process it!)

My fee is $150 +tax, and that price reflects that I do not use personalized labels, jars or other special packaging materials, and I do not maintain optional certification to provide this service.  I do maintain the utmost standards for cleanliness and safe food handling procedures.  I have great respect for your placenta, and I will treat it as if it were my own.

If services are arranged before birth, I can have the final products finished 48-72 hours after birth.  I can also process a placenta that has been frozen, and time-frame will depend on my availability.  Fill out the form below to confirm availability for your due date and with any other questions you have regarding this service.

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