Natural Childbirth- 5 Week Series

Natural Childbirth Class- 5 Week Series

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Approaching birth can be full of conflicting feelings for parents- anxious and excited, vulnerable and hopeful, scared and determined.  Your view of birth is likely colored by stories you've heard and experiences you've had.  Information and advice is often conflicting also, so how do you know what the right choices are for you?  

Unlike some other natural birth 'programs' like birth hypnosis or Bradley Birth Method, this class does not present a program you must follow in order to experience a natural birth.  Instead we explore all the different options that are out there, and leave it up to you to choose the techniques that work best for you.


Consider this series if:

  • You are planning a natural birth at a hospital or a birth center within a hospital.  We present info that is specific to our local hospitals and can prepare you for what to expect in these settings.  We also discuss complications and interventions, and how to keep a flexible, open mind within your preferences.
  • This is your first baby, or the first baby for your partner.  It's also a great refresher course if it's been 4+ years since your last baby, or if you had a difficult or disappointing previous experience(s).
  • and/or you want unbiased and evidence-based information about giving birth!


Increase your understanding of the physical process and clarify your goals with the up-to-date and evidence-based information we provide in our classes.  Instructors are experienced professional doulas, so they can provide information from their experience in local hospitals.  You will finish this series feeling confident, prepared, and even excited for your upcoming birth!

Investment for the full series is $175 per couple, and includes 5, 2 hour classes.  Find upcoming classes and register from the Class Calendar.


Class 1- Late Pregnancy and Onset of Labor

Covering prenatal preparation for birth, stress reduction and fear processing, and how to know when labor begins with topics including:

  • Pathway to a Healthy Birth overview
  • Care Providers/ Locations
  • Labor Support/ Doulas
  • Common Signs of Labor


Class 2- Stages & Phases of Labor 

Learning how the hormonal and physical process of labor unfolds, beneficial positions, and partner support during labor:

  • Natural Hormones of Birth
  • Stages and Phases of Labor
  • Early Labor vs. 'False' Labor
  • Active Labor Management
  • Guidance for Birth Partners

    Class 3- Comfort Measures and Pain Coping

Focused on exploring and practicing options for comfort during labor, partner support and pain coping exercises:

  • Positions and Movement Practice
  • Partner Support
  • Relaxation and Massage Practice
  • Active Pain Coping Activity

    Class 4- Interventions and Informed Decision Making

Introducing common interventions and complications, options for pain medications, and how to make informed decisions during labor:

  • Natural and Medical Induction of Labor
  • Common Interventions and Complications
  • Options for Pain Relief Medications
  • Informed Consent and Refusal


Class 5- Birth and Postpartum

Wrapping up with delivery and birth, the immediate postpartum period, and post-birth recovery:

  • Descent and Birth/ Pushing Stage
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • First Few Hours Postpartum
  • Healing and Recovery



Find upcoming classes and register from the Birth Class Calendar.  Click the 'Register' button to see ticket options and fill out required information.  For most classes, a 50% deposit is due upon registration, and the balance can be paid up to the start of the first class.

Credit or Debit card payments:

Choose to pay in full or just the deposit (where applicable), and conveniently & securely make your payment through PayPal- you will be redirected to the payments page.  Sales tax is included in pricing.

Cancellation and refund policy:

If you need to cancel your space reservation in a birthing class, please let us know as soon as possible. In the event of a cancellation, we will return your payment minus a cancellation fee (10% of class price) when we receive notice at least 14 days prior to the first class.  If we receive a cancellation less than 14 days from the first class, we will refund your payment, minus a cancellation fee, only if we are able to fill your space. There will be no refunds made once class has begun.  Please contact us for more info.


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