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FAQs About Childbirth Classes


Why should I take childbirth classes?

  • If you are expecting your first baby, you've probably heard or read numerous birthing stories from friends, family and the internet- which all seem to be completely different and each comes with a different set of advice or suggestions.  It can be so confusing!  Childbirth Classes and learning about the natural process of labor can help you to understand why births are all so unique, and what you can really expect for your unique experience!


  • Childbirth Preparation Classes are a place to meet other expectant parents, and to discuss common goals and fears that you may be experiencing.  Private Sessions are also great for processing fears with an instructor who really understands, and can provide helpful suggestions, factual information, and advice for preparing for the birth that you want.


  • Help your partner understand how they can best support you during the process, and to learn about labor and birth themselves.  We expect you to bring a partner, friend, mother, doula, or other support person to class.  If it's their first time, or have only experienced their own birth(s), then they probably don't have a clue how to best support you!


Are there different types of childbirth classes?

General childbirth classes are offered at most hospitals and birthing centers; as well as through some independent instructors or professional doulas.  There are also specific childbirth programs like Lamaze, HypnoBirth or Bradley Method; some are also available online or in video.  Some childbirth classes cover specific types of births, such as C-section, vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) and multiple births.

What kinds of classes are offered at Inspired?

The Independent Childbirth Classes at Inspired are taught by professional doulas. We choose to remain unaffiliated with other organizations so that we are free to use the most current, evidence-based, and objective information that is available about childbirth (with the exception of our Blissborn classes).  Classes are held in our cozy classroom located in the North Valley, and our small class sizes are personal and unique.

Our classes cover the emotional and physical aspects of labor and birth, practical pain coping and decision making tools, preparing partner for labor support role, early postpartum changes, breastfeeding, and so much more!  We present information in a way that empowers parents, and encourages processing of fears or stresses related to labor and birth.  We use hands-on, interactive teaching methods, and facilitate activities and group discussions that will leave you feeling confident, even excited, and prepared for your upcoming labor and birth!Current options for our classes are:

Early Pregnancy Class (1st & 2nd Trimesters)

Hospital Birth Class- 4 Week Series

Homebirth Class- 5 Week Series

Speedy Delivery: 1 Day Class

Blissborn: Birth Hypnosis

Affordable Private Sessions are also available!

What are the differences between Inspired’s classes and those offered through the hospital?

They are many!  First, our classes are small and very personal by design. We teach in a small, homey space and both our style and material are interactive, so we take no more than five couples per class. Our small class size and flexible material allow us to better meet the needs of a wide variety of birthing families, and to personally tailor information as necessary.

Our childbirth classes are taught by Professional Birth Doulas (except for Blissborn), and so we can teach about birth not only from science-based, practical information, but also ongoing personal experience.  As doulas, we have seen a wide range of normal and difficult births, in a wide range of settings, with a wide range of outcomes.  We know all about what each local hospital or birth center is actually like from the patients' point of view, and so can provide information and advice that actually applies to your situation.

We put heavy emphasis on informed consent and refusal decisions during labor and birth, and evidence based information about normal labors, complications and interventions.  Classes that are offered through each hospital or provider group generally provide information within the context of standard procedure or common protocol for their specific institution.  This information is very important to some parents, but some parents also want to know about all of their options through each step of the process, and to avoid the 'Standard Treatment' approach.  For parents in the later group, Inspired is proud to offer classes that honor your autonomy, respect you as the best decision maker for your child, and provide you tools to support your best birth!

“We did a lot of research (about) classes, yours seemed the best, most balanced, and most informative.  It did not disappoint.” -First-time expectant father

We receive referrals from a full spectrum of doctors and midwives practicing throughout Albuquerque. We feel very strongly (and teach accordingly) that couples should have their babies where they feel most comfortable. We discuss all birthing options, hospital, home and birth-center birth, and encourage expectant parents to find the best care provider and birth location for their needs and desires.

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