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Founded as Body, Mind & Spirit in 1999, Erika Harding established a small network of teachers and doulas, providing unique childbirth classes and doula services in the Albuquerque area.  Amylee Udell and Amity Johnson were two of those partners, and in 2008, they purchased Body, Mind & Spirit.  Renaming the business Inspired Birth and Families, Amylee and Amity enthusiastically supported birthing women and families in Albuquerque, adding parenting classes, a lending library, sling lending program, and a student doula program.  In 2011, Amity left Inspired and Amylee brought on several birth doulas, teachers, a postpartum doula and lactation specialist, as well as a loss doula for those suffering from infant and pregnancy loss.  A new transition came in 2014, when the business again changed hands to two affiliated doulas.  Miyoko Inase and Jessie Buchanan partnered up to bring Inspired to it's current incarnation.


About Us


Miyoko Inase
miyoko inase, certified doula

Miyoko began her journey as a doula in 2011, and joined Inspired's Student Doula program to get her start.  She connected with many families in the next year as she completed her certification and moved on to provide Professional Doula Services with Inspired.  She was a founding member of a Doula Cooperative that Inspired ran for several years starting in 2013, and worked with many wonderful families through that journey.

When she became co-owner in 2014, she continued to provide doula services, as well as managing the Student Doula Program and adding placenta encapsulation services.  Along with many other aspects of running a small business, she also teaches the Hospital Childbirth Series.


Jessie Buchanan

Nava Family Nov 2012-47Jessie began her doula and educator journey after the birth of her first child in 2009, when her inspiration was sparked.  She worked as a birth doula until she gave birth to her second in 2013.  Her focus became Postpartum Doula work and Breastfeeding Support, and when she became co-owner of Inspired in 2014 that expanded into teaching Parenting Classes and the Homebirth Series.  And with a background in art and design, she is mainly responsible for creating the warm, comfortable and inviting space of our current location in Los Ranchos.

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