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Miyoko Inase- Certified Birth Doula (Madriella), Childbirth Educator, and Owner at Inspired Birth and Families

I have had an interest in birth for my whole life.  I joke that my first doula gig was for my brother’s birth when I was 8 yrs old!  This was not my first personal experience with birth, and I grew up with the perspective that birth is a normal physiological process.  As I grew older and  more aware of the way our society views and treats birth, I realized a deep yearning from within myself to make a difference.

I initially began my doula work in 2012 and was quite sure that my journey would continue into the field of midwifery; but now I'm not quite so sure.  I have come to find out that my vision of what a midwife is, was actually the role of a doula.  They are two very different roles, and my passion lies in the emotional care of the parents which is the focus of doula work.  I bought this business in 2014, and have since expanded my work with expectant parents by teaching group and private classes on a variety of topics.

My Philosophy

I teach, and doula, from the philosophy that an undisturbed, natural birth is what is most beneficial for healthy moms and babies, that medical interventions should only be used when there is clear, substantiated evidence that mom and/or baby are experiencing complications, and that judicious and compassionate use of pain medications should always be considered.  I have experience in all the local hospitals, and can provide some extra insight to navigating the medical system no matter what your individual goals or plans for your birth may be.

My dream is for all women to have confidence in their bodies, to face the uncertainty of birth with courage, and most of all to have an empowering birth experience that brings deep satisfaction and enrapture with their new baby.  Most recently, this ultimate goal has brought me closer to sharing my knowledge through education, and has led to my current service options.

My Training and Certifications:

My Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

I have attended several birth doula trainings and continuing education courses throughout my journey, and currently hold certification through the Madriella Doula Network at the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute in California.  The Madreilla Doula Code of Ethics says this:

As a Doula I will…

Assist the mother before, during, and after birth by providing emotional support, physical comfort, information, and advocacy.

Assist the mother with writing a Birth Plan prior to labor and communicating these desires to the mother’s family and medical care providers.

Provide support during the postpartum period as well by discussing the experience with the mother and providing guidance in feeding issues, specifically related to positioning and timing.

Act in an appropriate and respectful manner.

As a Doula I will not…

Make decisions for a mother or family member.

Offer medical advice or perform any medical or clinical procedure.

Argue with a doctor, nurse, midwife or other hospital staff.

A complete copy of our Standards of Practice can be found here.

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Service Options

Birth Doula Package- $700*

  • Prenatal visits- You will feel more confident and prepared with time spent prenatally to explore your questions, feelings and desires for your birth.  Along with discussion, we can practice massage and pain coping techniques, positions for labor, relaxation exercises, and anything else that would be helpful in your preparations.  Clients have benefited so much from this time that I have increased my package to include between 4 and 6, 1-2 hour visits.  These meetings can be held in the comfort of your home or at the offices at Inspired.  You'll also be able to reach me by phone and email to discuss anything that comes up along the way!


  • Continuous Support for your labor and birth- You'll have peace-of-mind knowing I'll be available around the clock beginning when you reach 37 weeks.  Clients typically stay in touch by phone or text in the early labor phase, and you can request in-person support at anytime, and anywhere.  Support can include, but is not limited to, reassurance and perspective, positioning suggestions for comfort or labor progress, guidance for the partner, relaxation tools and breathing reminders, and assistance with informed decision making.  You will have my support throughout your labor, no matter if it's 2 hours or 2 days, medicated or natural, vaginal or cesarean.  I will stay through birth and until your new family is settled and ready for some much needed rest (typically when you are checked into your recovery room).


  • Postpartum visits- Your continuity of care continues with 2 visits after birth to bring any supplies or resources you might need, review the birth experience, and to check up on recovery and adjustment to your new baby. We will schedule these visits at your convenience within the first two weeks and I can do a variety of things that might help you including light housework, errands, help with older children, or a baby-holder while you nap or shower, and also includes a mommy footbath!  Extra visits can be arranged if needed, and the cost is $25* per visit.


Birth Doula Plus Package- $800*

This option includes Doula Package Services as outlined above, plus childbirth classes OR placenta encapsulation services:


  • Placenta Encapsulation Service- you can choose any of the options that I offer for placenta encapsulation and preparation.  Much more info here.


Birth Doula Complete Package- $900*

This option includes all services outlined above: Birth Doula Package Services, Childbirth Preparation Classes AND Placenta Encapsulation.


* Los Ranchos Sales Tax (7.25%) is added to all service prices


Set up a free consultation with Miyoko to discuss class and doula options for your estimated due date!

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Dwenna Nelson of Wisdom Within Birth Services

"I am thrilled to be back in New Mexico and working with Inspired Birth and Families as a birth doula, yoga instructor, and Reiki II practitioner. My favorite thing to do is combine all of my practices to create a unique and powerful experience for our clients. I am a mother to two young children, and my husband and I have enjoyed growing up in upstate New York and then living most of our adult lives in Colorado and New Mexico. The West is where our hearts are.

Birth is one of the most powerful and important events in all of our lives. Whether from the perspective of the birthing mother herself, the birth partner or partners, or the baby preparing for life outside the womb, birth affects us all at some point in our lives. When it comes down to it, birth is one of the great equalizers; we all experience it; we are all born.

Whether you put stock in ancient wisdom or modern science, both agree that a woman who is supported consistently throughout not only her pregnancy but also her labor and birth is more likely to have positive feelings about her birth experience in addition to many other benefits for everyone involved in the birth.

I am committed to bringing our clients the support they desire to achieve the birth experience they seek whether it be for a home birth, hospital birth, or birth center birth. In addition to unconditional, unbiased support, I try to tap into my clients' innate abilities to find strength in their birth experiences and make those experiences their own.

I feel lucky to be a birth doula serving women and their partners in Albuquerque and its surrounding areas. I am a DONA trained doula and have been since June of 2012; I am awaiting my certification approval, after which I will be a certified doula through DONA International, CD(DONA).  I am honored to serve all types of families and family structures; birth is a universal human experience and every family deserves unconditional support." -Dwenna

Set up a free consultation with Dwenna to discuss doula and service options for your estimated due date!

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